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So emotional, we hug the block


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Our Bar ATL's story begins and ends with the crew. 

The 13 of us all grew up in the nightlife industry. It's where we met, made a living, and found our sense of belonging. It's diverse, eccentric, and always down to suprise you. We love the nights in Atlanta and with our combined 163 years of hospitality experience, we want to bring you that same experience.


Atlanta's Own: Talent-To-Table

We're going to find and partner with the city's young and hungry talent and give them a chance to do something magical. With the backing of our crew, Our Bar ATL is going curate and provide delicious food, amazing drinks, and the best new music from Atlanta's own.

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"Our Bar ATL is more than just a restaurant + bar on Edgewood. It’s a vibrant, welcoming space that not just embraces but champions Atlanta’s diversity – whether it's the food, music, or culture."


Not all of us were born in Atlanta, many of us have struggled to make ends meet, and we're not the most polished group of people.


However, we now all call Atlanta home. From the ingredients in our food to the people in our space, we want to show you what this city has to offer. 

2019-12-19 23.06.33.jpg

This city is full of incredibly talented creatives, artists, and doers...just waiting for their chance.

Our Bar ATL puts amazing new talent and a genuine, enthusiastic crowd in the same space just to watch the magic happen.

Leave no doubt, we're unapologetically fierce about bringing our space to life. 


It's Edgewood - so come as you are. Whether you want to turn up or hang out, we just want you to have fun and know you're always welcome here. 

"Just chill and you'll fit right in." 

- Our Bar ATL's motley crew of misfits

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