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Our Bar ATL: Born to Sing (Every Sunday)

If you've got an urge to sing your heart out and the shower just ain't a big enough stage for you, come to Our Bar ATL on Sunday nights. Kicking off at 7PM, our Sunday Karaoke is personally our favorite night of the week, hands-down. It's just so damn fun and full of good energy with dope people.

Whether you have undiscovered musical talent or some really good "stage presence," it's your night to shine. With Jameson shots in between songs to keep your voice on point, stop by for the strong pours, the Atlanta vibes, and our fun locals and regulars gettin' down to business on the mic.

We often have @DolosPizza.Co keeping it hot in the kitchen so you can sing with your mic in one hand and a slice of deliciousness in the other. On other occasions, @OvertimeTheBand is in the house, providing live music accompaniment to that beautiful voice of yours.

Stay up to date via our IG @ourbaratl for what the next Sunday Night Karaoke will bring!

Hosted by @DJWhitIt x @ReggieBishop

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