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Our Bar ATL: Thank You To Our Pop-Up Chefs

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Since April 2020, we've partnered with 84 chefs and home cooks to host 314 kitchen pop-ups here at Our Bar ATL.

That's an incredible feeling.

What started as a panicked response to the pandemic gradually turned into 16 months of eating and getting happy from food cooked by people with some seriously amazing culinary skills. Moreover, we had the opportunity and space to introduce their cuisines and stories to our neighborhood, as we saw them grow, evolve, and overcome all the difficulties of the past year and a half.

From these 84 chefs, we learned how nervous and excited they were when they first took a chance in the hopes that strangers may like their food. We saw all the hard work, preparations, early mornings and late nights that backed each and every plate they sold. Most importantly, we felt just how delicious food can be when it's cooked from the heart and with a passion that no pandemic can crush.

As we shift gears this month to long-term kitchen residencies, we would like to thank our 84 chefs for being a part of the journey - what a wild ride it's been. At the same time, we're excited to introduce Chef Elliott Farmer who'll be bringing his heavenly Jerk Chicken, Fried Catfish, Cheesy Seafood Bread, and more to his fans every Wednesday (2PM - 2:30AM). In addition, our favorite pizza pop-up, Dolo's Pizza Co., will be slinging their mouthwatering pies every weekend: Friday - Saturday (2PM-7PM) and Sunday all-day (2PM-12AM).

Our 84 chefs (April 2020 - September 2021)

1) Chef Dee (@Luecke305)

2) Chef Mo (@Chef_Tacular)

3) Chef RJ (@ItsChefRJ)

4) Chef Marlo (@Chef_Marlo)

5) Chefs Ishala & Hoyt (@SoulBoxSoulFood)

6) Chef Jamal (@NastySmokeFace)

7) Chef Dom (@DStill)

8) Chef Al (@AlphonsoBetty)

9) Chef Fez (@HollaFez)

10) Chef Rain Amoaku (@Lapis_Jypsy_Goddess)

11) Chef Areina (@TheVeganFoode)

12) Chef Jarielle Ware (@HappyHeartCateringCo)

13) Chef Sy (@KraveeKitchenz)

14) Chef Melissa Irons (@ChefMelissaIrons)

15) Chef Mike Pimental (@Adobo_ATL)

16) Chef Akaysha (@Chef_Flossy)

17) Chef Dom (@ChefDombee)

18) Chef Sunny (@ChefSunny)

19) Chef Jason (@JasonRomalis)

20) Chef Kim Viscardi (@KimViscardi)

21) Chef JT (@MrFreakNastay)

22) Chef Elliott Farmer (@ChefElliottFarmer)

23) Chef Tequilla Johnson (@DishedPalate)

24) Chef Sydney (@SydddsSpuds)

25) Chef Amanda (@AmandasBarbeeque)

26) Chef Chrissy (@EpicFlavors)

27) Chef Milton (@IslandFlavorsATL)

28) Chef Dyno (@Chef_Dyno)

29) Chef Jalen (@mmb_jr0cs_darkness)

30) Chef Cam (@CookingWithCam)

31) Chef Jerine (@KD_Catering16)

32) Chef Mulan (@ChefMulann)

33) Chef Dianna Palmer (@ItsBakedBaby)

34) Chef Sahmeer (@RebelChef_CreationsLLC)

35) Chef Melinda Williams (@FineAssChef)

36) Chef Cory J (@HighsOvaLows)

37) Chef Nicole (@Nicoles_Wing_Bar)

38) Chefs Alyson & Yusef (

39) Chef Dustin (@Smooth_ATLien)

40) Chef Atalya Campbell (@SouthernComfortCo)

41) Chef Puncho (@TheFryTrap)

42) Chef Mike Hammond (@MikeHamm24)

43) Chef Ellis (@BootBoyzKitchen)

44) Chef Ladii Gee (@MoreAndBetter_SeafoodSoulfood)

45) Chef Lance (@TheShackATL)

46) Chef DJ (@OrangeDotCateringATL)

47) Chef Chanelle White (@PhillyCreations2018)

48) Chef Cosmo (@CosmoBlues)

49) Chef Christina Glass (@Chef_CMG)

50) Chef Mekai (@ChefTofu07)

51) Chef David (@Kimmie_Vees)

52) Chef Slim (@6igslim)

53) Chef Umi (@UmiThaGoat)

54) Chef Nya (@Nyabcookin)

55) Chef Chels (@Chef.Chelz)

56) Chef Lola (@LolaFoxxEats)

57) Chef Brasmyne (@TigerLifeGourmet)

58) Chef India (

59) Chef Sarah Mae (@_SarahMaesKitchen)

60) Chef Brad (@Koalddie)

61) Chef Tonya (@IAmTonyaNicole)

62) Chef Reggie (@CountryBoi99)

63) Chef Traci (@AnotherBombCreationATL)

64) Chef Demetrius (@Chefs_State_of_Mind)

65) Chef Bruce (@OtakuEats_)

66) Chef Dragon (@TheYungDragon)

67) Chef Mikail (@Chef_Mikail)

68) Chef Felicia (@gingerliciousllc & @naughty.bites_)

69) Chef Klay (@klaykogotjuice)

70) Chef Kimblee (@DJKimblee)

71) Chef Mello (@livemello_)

72) Chef Sweet Polly (@Sweet_Pollys_Kitchen)

73) Chef Q (@thechefqatl)

74) Chef Clive (@chefclive)

75) Chef Erika (@eyecook4u)

76) Chef Marvin (@andcheeseatl)

77) Chef Alexandra (@gardenwidowbistro)

78) Chef Laporsche (@chef9eleven)

79) Chef Keesa (@Veggie_Ish_ATL)

80) Chef Domenio (@SossBauceATL)

81) Chef Biggg Chris (@BigggFavors)

82) Chef Keedra (@KeedrasKitchen)

83) Chef Millz (@Trapp_Kitchun)

84) Chef Kodak (@ChefKodak)

We've been blessed,

Your ever-hungry friends and passionate fans @OurBarATL


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