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Our Bar ATL: Love Letter To Our Moms

Every one of us arrives in this strange world with no manual for life in hand. Instead, we get mothers who guide us, treasure us, and fiercely back us in all of our fights. Although many of their efforts go unnoticed and their sacrifices stay unseen, we hope they know that they are our greatest blessing.

We dedicate this particular yearbook to some of the strongest women we know, the moms. They are raising their children to be just as amazing, determined, and awe-inspiring as they are. When their kids are all grown, we hope these moms stop from time to time and say to themselves: “damn, I did a hell of a good job” - because they did.

So this is our shout out to all the incredible moms from Our Bar ATL.

You’re our personal heroes. During the pandemic, you demonstrated just how many badass superpowers you have. When basic necessities started running out, you did everything humanly possible to provide for your kids. When the schools shut down, you learned what you needed to know so you can teach them. When fear and uncertainty threatened to sabotage their confidence and optimism in life, you were brave and reassured them.

From their very first breath, your heart was no longer your own. You shared their highs and lows and their laughter and tears. You pushed your own precious heart out to accompany your children as they wander the world, unseen but deeply felt.

To all the moms out there, thank you for being such phenomenal coaches, therapists, chefs, chauffeurs, nurses, stylists, entertainers, memory makers, and world changers.

With boundless love and appreciation,

the asshole sons and willful daughters at Our Bar ATL

Download our Mother's Day Yearbook!

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Jan 28, 2022


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