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So emotional, we hug the block

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Our Bar ATL: Hug The Block 2020

Back in September, we started thinking about what we could do for our community, specifically for all of our unsheltered neighbors here in the Old Fourth Ward (O4W). Business had finally somewhat normalized - at least as much as it could be in 2020 - and we'd seen every day just how badly COVID-19 had affected our displaced neighbors.

However, as a new business with little experience in this kind of endeavor, we weren't sure what exactly we could do. Then we remembered how our own Chef Dee had kickstarted a brown bag lunch program out of Our Bar ATL literally just days after the mayor's shutdown order in March.

We decided to use that as our foundation and after feedback from our staff, patrons, and the community, we partnered with Chef Dee's Misfit Love Mafia to launch our "Hug The Block" initiative and offer hot showers, barber and beautician services, full wardrobes, medical check-ups, nail tech services, and Thanksgiving dinners. We raised nearly $7,000 dollars and received much more in donations of clothing, blankets, care package items, and other necessities to help our neighbors through the coming winter.

On Thanksgiving Eve, 2020, we were able to accommodate over one hundred of our fellow neighbors! These amazing volunteers, donors, and community members gave their time, money, and energy to warmly and fiercely hug the block together.

The "Hug The Block" experience was so rewarding and amazing that we've decided to hug the block again on December 23rd, 2020! We can always use your help, support, and love so please reach out to us at @ourbaratl,, or!

Date: November 25th, 2020

Shot and Edited by: @surfmilian

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