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Our Bar ATL: Tasting 4 Tastemakers ft. Olmeca Altos Tequila

We're partnering with our favorite liquor brands to launch our weekly series of invite-only Tasting for Tastemakers events every Thursday at Our Bar ATL. Whether you're one of our favorite regulars, among Atlanta's most talented locals, or just an amazing person who happens to drink - check your dms and inboxes for our invites!

Check here for our other upcoming events and activities!

Last Thursday, our Tasting for Tastemakers event featured Olmeca Altos Tequila, an amazing brand started by two bartenders and a maestro tequilero. We asked 25 incredible tastemakers, fellow business owners, and connoisseurs to come learn about the history and process behind Altos Tequila and enjoy cocktails specially designed around the spirit.

This week, we're incredibly excited for tomorrow's Tasting for Tastemakers: Let the Music Speak event on October 22nd. We've invited 40 of our favorite DJs and musical geniuses to this free private tasting featuring Crown Royal whiskey, good vibes, and great people.

Check out the upcoming events here that'll be going on at Our Bar ATL!

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