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Our Bar ATL: Tasting for Tastemakers ft. Jack Apple x Slane Irish Whiskey

After a brief pause due to COVID-19, Our Bar ATL is resuming its curated series of food and drink tastings in Atlanta! For our most recent (free) Tasting for Tastemakers event, we partnered with Jack Daniels & Slane Irish Whiskey to provide a tailored cocktail experience for 25 specially invited guests.

The guests had the opportunity to learn about Jack Daniels Apple and the relatively unknown Slane Irish Whiskey while indulging in cocktails specifically designed around the two spirits. During the Tasting for Tastemakers, tunes from our in-house DJ and delicious food from Chef Lance's Kitchen Pop-Up were also available!

“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” — Humphrey Bogart

Our Tasting for Tastemakers events offers the opportunity to explore more of the history and processes behind some of our favorite spirits. All guests are invited to RSVP and fill out a COVID-19/travel questionnaire prior to each tasting. As always here at Our Bar ATL, entry will require temperature checks and masks (masks are also available for purchase on-site). Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the tasting, and guests will self-seat themselves based on personal preference and comfort.

Our next tasting will be in collaboration with Olmeca Altos Tequila on October 8th, 5-7PM!

Only 25 seats are available and they're almost all filled! DM us at @ourbaratl or email us at to inquire about any open seats!

“I'll drink to that!” — Me to Everything





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