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Our Bar ATL: Our Voices Matter (2022 Election Year)

We're back at it again, everyone.

We fervently believe that every vote matters because every voice matters. That's tough to believe sometimes. Every time we cast our own votes, a small voice inside of us wonders, does it really make a difference? Against all the noise out there that makes us feel like a small fish in a vast, cold ocean, we just have to trust that it does.

So it's 2022 and Georgia is still one of the most important and hotly contested election battlefields in the country. We've got even more worries on our plate right now due to the tragic war in Ukraine, along with the pandemic that just won't go away. But we can't lose sight of the tremendously important elections that are happening this year. The outcomes will change how the future of Atlanta unfolds, including yours - there's no doubt about it.

"Years from now, our children and our grandchildren, they will ask us about this moment. They will look back on this time, and they will ask us not about how we felt — they will ask us what did we do." - Vice President Kamala Harris

We have some strong thoughts on some of these elections, we'll tell you that upfront. We know who we want to win (and who we want to lose). Luckily for us as a small neighborhood bar + kitchen, we're free to be as biased and opinionated as ever! So take a hard look at the deadlines below, some of the main elections that we're urging everyone to pay attention to, and the scoop on who we're backing.


Voter Registration Deadline: April 25

Early Voting Start For Primary Elections: May 2

Primary Election Day: May 24

General Election: November 8


The amazing Democrat Stacey Abrams, national voting rights activist and bestselling author, is running for governor again, probably against the winner of the fun dog fight between incumbent (and likely winner) Republican Brian Kemp and former Senator David Perdue, who is backed by the one and only Donald Trump.

- Our Bar Tea: We're 100% behind Stacey Abrams. She should've won 4 years ago, and we'll be damned if she doesn't get it this time.

U.S Senate:

Our man from the O4W, Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock, is up against a coterie of Republicans, mainly former UGA football star Herschel Walker and a few others.

- Our Bar Tea: As you can probably tell, we're supporting Senator Warnock. We see him, we hear him, and we're voting for him.

Secretary of State:

Democratic candidates such as state Representative Bee Nguyen are challenging incumbent Republican Brad Raffensperger for this crucially important seat. He's a Republican but not gonna lie, he did win some points with us when he showed a backbone against Donald Trump's claims of election fraud last year.

- Our Bar Tea: No two ways about it, we're pretty liberal and politically democratic. We don't know much about Bee Nguyen, but she's the first Vietnamese-American elected to the Georgia House of Representatives - and that's badass. We need to do our homework on this race, but we like what we know about her so far.

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