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Markup and Cadalyst articles:Google FontsThe Google Fonts API is designed to provide access to a wide selection of high-quality typefaces to be used in web browsers on desktops and mobile devices, and the Google Fonts Catalog (GFAC) is a curated collection of fonts to provide a comprehensive selection for designers. With this new capability, you can use the CSS @import directive to quickly and easily include text or graphic content from external web sources. (see CADalyst's article)Updated Design Information in Catalog Display:With updated display of Design Information for InDraw and Inventor, you can now view the most recent information in the drawing and/or engineering library. In addition, the user can use the tabs to navigate through different Design Information Libraries such as color, style, symbol, part, layer, etc.Simplified Number Formatting:The number formatting for text and numeric fields has been simplified to make it easier for you to specify number formats. You can now enter both decimal and scientific notation directly in the numbers table, and you can also enter either with or without a decimal point.New Swatches (Color Names):The Swatch library contains a collection of more than 5,000 different swatches that can be created and used with any CAD application. To access Swatches, click the Swatches tab and click "Create New Swatch." To modify, edit, or delete a Swatch, select it from the Swatch Library and then select either Edit or Delete to modify the Swatch.You can also create your own Swatches by using the Color Sampler. You can find out more information about Swatches in the Color Sampler or use the Help file for more information.New SheetSets for Block Modes:The SheetSets for Block Mode is available in AutoCAD only. This new feature allows you to create SheetSets for the following block types: 4mm, 6mm, 3mm, and 5mm in the Sheet Set View. Each SheetSet can be viewed separately or assembled together as a complete set. SheetSets for a particular block size can be viewed and edited just as if they were a normal drawing. For example, you can view or edit a 4mm SheetSet just as you can a drawing that uses 4mm blocks. You can also use the Sheet Sets for Block Mode in the SheetSet Editor to create custom, tabular layouts 2be273e24d

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