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Our Bar ATL: And So It Begins at 339 Edgewood Ave

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Our Bar ATL took five years in the making, but it's finally here – from when we envisioned it years ago to the diverse and exciting space now being born. We have it all: the pride of ownership, the sense of belonging, and the sheer fear of failure. The dream is now within our grasp, and we're incredibly excited to make this space our own. Atlanta, this experience is custom-made for you.

339 Edgewood Ave SE is undeniably rough around the edges, just as much as we are, but we're all ready to evolve over this summer to bring the best food, drinks, and music to the neighborhood.

Don't just watch us. Be a part of our relentless drive to bring this beautiful space to life, one day at a time. We know there's a lot of challenges ahead of us, but we're too excited, too determined, and too damn stubborn to let anything stand in our way.

So thank you and welcome to 339 Edgewood Ave SE, the local, thriving, and comforting home of Our Bar ATL. Join us on our journey to make this the best spot, your spot, in the city. Follow us on Instagram: @ourbaratl.

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