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Chef Dee x Denitra: Wedding Celebration at Our Bar ATL

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Congratulations to Chef Dee and his amazing wife, Denitra, on their beautiful wedding!

Naturally, Our Bar ATL had to throw the after-party for the newlywed couple. Thank you to everyone who showed up to give their love and best wishes to the couple. As is always the case here at our bar, the night was full of laughter and good vibes all around.

Between us, that's absolutely one of the best parts about Our Bar ATL. This place is going to see us together in all the great moments as well as through all the tough times. We're never alone either way, and this place reinforces that for us every single day.

So congratulations to the most beautiful couple having the time of their lives on their wedding day. It was the perfect way to end 2019 and start the new year.

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