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Our Bar ATL's Peace x Love 2020: Can't Help But Remember

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

2020 beckons us, and we're rushing towards it with all of our pent-up anticipation and potential. Yet even as we fiercely chase our dreams and hopes, we can't help but think of all the loved ones we wish were still by our side. Amidst all the excitement and successes, it's been hard not to notice the empty spaces among the friends and family who've accompanied us so far.

The memorial service and this post is to remember that those now empty spaces were once filled to the brim with amazing people who left us too soon. We've achieved so much this year, but only when everyone you love is around you does it truly become worthwhile. So let's take a moment to remember.

We're moving ahead with a vengeance, and every day leaves the past just a little further behind. However, those memory-filled spaces will always belong to you. We know we're being a little selfish; we hope you can remain beside us as we continue the Our Bar ATL journey. It's the reassurance we can't do without and the lingering warmth for the difficulties ahead.

But the fact remains - we still miss you guys.

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