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Employees Only: Closing Out 2019 at Our Bar ATL

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

2019 has been extraordinarily life-changing for us, and we wanted to start closing this year out with those who truly know us best: our fellow industry workers. The regular folks just don't get it; it's tough dealing with customers and all their needy bullshit. On Wednesday night, Our Bar ATL threw its "Employees Only" party to take a step back from the frontline for a casual, customer-free night of catching up, drinks and music.

With over 700 RSVPs, many of our friends and colleagues came through to meet up with each other and make plans for the new year. Thanks to everyone for sharing their time, services, food & drinks, and most importantly, their love. It also gave us a chance to relax, decompress and touch base with our fellow service industry peers. They're the ones who know not only how far we've come but also where we should head towards next. After all, the customer may be king - but staff is family.

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