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Bricen: Downtown Atlanta, College, & the Atlanta Streetcar

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

No doubt about it, we have an amazing location. We're right by Georgia State and so many other local colleges in and around downtown Atlanta. In fact, one of Atlanta Streetcar's stops (#8) is right in front of us. As he takes a ride on the Streetcar, Bricen talks about how Our Bar ATL will appeal to his fellow college students. With our location so close to downtown Atlanta, our 12pm to 4pm brunch is sure to attract the nearby college crowd, let alone our 6pm to 9pm happy hour.

Given all the recent focus on public transportation, we want to do our part to shine a light on the Atlanta Streetcar. Despite its convenient route through downtown Atlanta and the MLK Historic District, this public transportation has yet to live up to its potential.

We hope more people take advantage of the Atlanta Streetcar's convenience, especially those who attend college in and around downtown. Atlanta's college students should have access to a fun and safe nightlife culture. They should also be able to create and innovate in a collaborative and encouraging environment. We feel that Our Bar ATL can be both.

Our 12pm to 4pm brunch hours is particularly focused on creating a welcoming and convenient space for students and downtown workers to eat, drink, study, work, and create to their hearts' desires. Edgewood has long been known for its late night culture. Even as we embrace that, we also intend to strengthen and diversify the neighborhood's daytime offerings. Whether it's live panel discussions or incubator activities, we plan to nurture and cultivate a space that can play a supportive role in the downtown community.

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