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Our Bar ATL: Dr. Dax x PhotoRiot Project

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

We've known Dax and Marcus for years, not only as our friends but as talented creatives and entrepreneurs. So when it came time to put one of Marcus' custom photo booths in Our Bar ATL, Dax was the first person who came to mind to really make it our own.

Marcus started on his first photo booth when he bought one that Dax somehow had at home years ago. Since then, his burgeoning photo booth empire has spread to seven booths in Atlanta and Athens. That relationship between the two has now come full circle here at Our Bar ATL.

Custom-built to fit our space, the PhotoRiot photo booth represents and furthers our goal to memorialize the wonderful memories that all of us create together. Since their first random interaction so many years ago, this first true collaboration of theirs is something special to see. It's a project that creates memories as well as preserves them - which is truly meaningful to us. So next time you're at Our Bar ATL, please drag your friends in and capture those good times.

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