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Our Bar ATL's GM Justin: Seeing the Dream With 20/20 Vision

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

It's about keeping the ball rolling. We've lost a little time during our growing pains, but the vision has only gotten clearer through those experiences. It's gratifying to have made it this far and exciting to know there's still plenty to look forward to. All we got to do is keep the ball moving because we know where we want to go, and it's only just begun.

"Hold onto your dreams even through all the obstacles because nobody can see your vision better than you can."

General Manager at Our Bar ATL


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1 comentario

Christine Anne R
Christine Anne R
02 oct 2019

Wow, MY OTHER LIL BRO!! Not only am I SUPER PROUD of you I am FU%KIN’ SPEECHLESS!! When is the GRAND OPENING! I will DEF be there!!!! #JUSCHRIS Miss&LoveU

Me gusta
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