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Nickie: Our Bar ATL Setting Up Shop On Edgewood

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

We've always felt right at home on Edgewood. There's a diversity and spirit of acceptance that has always been a part of the neighborhood and continues to this day, the eccentric characters that call the block home, and the ever-present promise of unlimited potential. In short, the Edgewood block is larger-than-life.

With all of the years we've spent working and enjoying Atlanta's nightlife, and not just on Edgewood, coming back to this street has a special kind of meaning. Along with our friends and regulars, we can all already envision the atmosphere and vibe of Our Bar ATL. We're not out to just add another restaurant + bar to the city's nightlife scene. After all, "a house isn't always a home." We wouldn't accept that, and the people that make up and represent Our Bar ATL's culture certainly wouldn't either.

This is a hard industry, a battleground of life that doesn't hesitate to make or break the people in it. Our Bar ATL is a salute to those people. We've all had our own ups and downs in Atlanta's hospitality industry. With the help of friends and fellow veterans like Nickie, we'll use that hard-won experience to create an oasis on Edgewood that captures and demonstrates our best representation of our city's cultural hospitality and nightlife for everyone.

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