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Our Bar ATL's One Year Anniversary: From Dreaming To Sleepwalking

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

It's been exactly one year to this day since we kicked off the #ourbaratl journey on October 13, 2018. Despite the never-ending stress and emotional roller coasters, we've never once thought of giving up. We've always had an unshakable belief, almost naively so, in our forthcoming success.

In the past few months, we've watched the abstract lines on architectural drawings turn into doors we can walk through and walls we can lean on. It's an amazing feeling to go into the kitchen or behind the bar and now know what that feels like in reality, even for a bunch of degenerate dreamers like us.

Soundtrack by @officialjrob.

Shot + edited by @surfmilian.

Imagine yourself in a beautiful dream full of color. You're walking down a road with your friends beside you. Nobody knows where the road will go but amidst all the warmth and laughter, it doesn't seem important as long as you're all walking the road together. After a while, you pinch yourself and realize it's not a dream at all. Happy Anniversary, Our Bar ATL.

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