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Our Bar ATL: A Town Tribute

With the hype of a successful grand opening now firmly behind us, we're focusing all of our efforts on building our brand and making the Our Bar ATL experience better every night. The best and only way we could think of was to embrace what makes our city so special.

You don't have to be from here to be proud to be here. As the saying goes...if you can make it in Atlanta, you can make it anywhere. Our A town down logo captures our belief that there's just no place like Atlanta, a city where we saw the creativity burst out from the underground in the 90s.

We're not taking success for granted. We want to put Our Bar ATL on the map as a hangout for our regulars, the latest hotspot for the city's DJs, and the place to go to meet amazing people and talented creatives. After all, you'll hear it around town: "it's a good time to be an ATLien."

It's a tremendous challenge, but it's one we can't wait to take on. After all, we know this city well and more importantly, we have your love and support. Our confidence comes from you so let us know how we're doing and what we can do to improve. Dm us at @ourbaratl or come by to talk - we're always down to listen.

Our friend, writer and staunch ATLien, Malcolm “CHAMP” Heaggans, captured it best in his recent post: "OUR (BELOVED) BAR, A SPECIAL PLACE." Thank you for so eloquently expressing what we've always held in our hearts.

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