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Our Bar ATL: Drunk Spelling Bee (Staff Only Edition)

Can you spell better than our drunk bartenders?

Our Bar ATL is hosting its first Drunk Spelling Bee this Sunday, October 11th, for 10 contestants with giveaways and bar cash prizes. We did a practice run this past Tuesday with our staff only, and it was absolutely getting everyone day-drunk before work. In the end, we got our in-house winner, and we dare y'all to see if any of you can spell any better!

Sign-ups start at 3PM sharp on Sunday. Study up with Webster and bring your best spelling game because the competition is rough and the drinks are strong. The spelling bee is 21+ because we believe 100% that anyone who isn't drinking is cheating. Therefore, underage nerds need not apply.

See you Sunday. Get ready to lose because the house always wins...we think ;)

"It is a damned poor mind indeed that can't think of at least two ways of spelling any word." --- Andrew Jackson

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