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Our Bar ATL: Grand Opening Schedule!

Grand Opening Schedule

Thursday 2/27: 7 pm to close

Hosted by: Sky Hy

Taking it back to where it all began...

Friday 2/28: 9 pm to close


The Atlanta Falcon's Dj: Jay Envy

Hosted By Atlanta Native: Nadia Shakur

Saturday 2/29:12 pm to close

On race day, we're asking all fans to #showyourgold and wear gold out to watch Atlanta's Golden Moment as you cheer on these greats!

The course for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Marathon was designed for maximum crowd support. Fans can cheer on the Olympic hopefuls as many as six times from the same spot on several sections of the course, including all along Edgewood Avenue.

ART FOR SALE: Prints and original pieces by @Dr.Dax with some very special guest appearances.

Hosted by our very own: Jesus Niece

Debuting our Brunch Menu. $6

Sunday 2/30: 4pm to close

A panel discussion where our guests can ask some of the best in Atlanta's film industry any and every question they'd like.

Moderated by: Teaacup

Ending our run with International and Dancehall vibes by: Florista and Sushi Ceej

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