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Our Bar ATL: Health Promise to the Community

Updated: May 26, 2020

When the mayor shut down dine-in service in Atlanta, we closed Our Bar ATL's doors for two weeks to figure out how we can stay safe and survive the COVID-19 times. Already new to the take-out business, we looked to our fellow restaurants and bars in the city who are already serving as role models in these troubled times. As we seek to maintain that tenuous balance between safety and paying the rent, Our Bar ATL would like to make a health promise as we launch our Pop-Up & Go menu.

On Behalf of our Pop-Up & Go Chefs and Our Bar ATL food, we promise...

1) Before use, all produce will be re-cleaned/re-washed on premises to ensure real-time cleanliness. All food preparation will be done on premises on sanitized prep counters.

2) All kitchen equipment and tools will be sanitized before, during and after each service.

3) Staff will be vetted for any illnesses prior to work (including off-site purchasing), trained to sanitize after each interaction and will wear masks and gloves at all times - including Walk-Up Counter and Curbside Pickup personnel.

4) A ServSafe-certified manager will always be on premises to ensure the kitchen is prepping and serving in accordance with CDC guidelines and regular foundational food service requirements.

Here are a few policies we've implemented to protect ourselves and our customers in the COVID-19 era:

1) High-touch surfaces will be wiped down and sanitized after each interaction (i.e. walk-up counter) - please help us and keep any physical contact to a minimum.

2) Our max capacity is currently 21 people, but we're limiting it to 2 patrons inside at our to-go station at a time (additional customers are encouraged to wait in their cars in our back lot). Floor markers & cones are placed at 6' intervals for customers in line - please maintain at least 6'+ distance from each other whenever possible.

4) Cashless payments are preferred while hands-free payments or apps are even better to minimize any physical contact - dm or talk to us to find out more, including house-managed delivery in surrounding neighborhoods and curbside pickup.

5) All food-handlers will wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds at 20 minutes or less intervals during their shifts - soap and water will always be available in our restrooms and the door handles will be regularly sanitized.


The CDC considers the coronavirus to be a respiratory virus, not a foodborne illness. Also, the FDA has not found any evidence of food or food packaging to be associated with COVID-19 transmission. Just please take proactive steps such as not working when sick, proper hand washing and thorough disinfecting to help mitigate the risk. 

Our Bar ATL's Social Distancing Policy: Trust us, we want to give y'all a hug when we see you but for now, let's just go with a head nod and wave.

Love, Your friends at Our Bar ATL.

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