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So emotional, we hug the block

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Our Bar ATL: Hug the Block this Thanksgiving Eve

Our unsheltered neighbors are still our neighbors and they need our help. We're hugging the block this Thanksgiving Eve to offer the warmth, caring, and dignity that make up the kind of neighborhood we'd all like to be a part of. Please support us in this neighborhood endeavor as the impact of homelessness here in Atlanta are only intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this wild and chaotic year of 2020, it's easy to step back from thinking of others, helping your fellow human beings, and caring for your neighbors. When everyone is taking the never-ending emotional and financial hits this year, it's hard to really consider how your fellow neighbors are faring just down the street or right next door.

Yet they're struggling to live their lives with dignity and the little basic things that we often take for granted, even in the worst of times - like right now. While many of us are able to remain under lockdown in our homes, our unsheltered neighbors in our Old Fourth Ward community here in Atlanta are still out there. On these empty and increasingly desolate streets of our neighborhood, they're feeling unloved, out of place, and isolated from their community.

We're emotional and proud to partner with Chef Dee, who started Misfit Love Mafia as an organization dedicated to offering essential items, services, and self-dignity to the unhoused community in downtown Atlanta. Misfit Love Mafia is a small, passionate group of volunteers who continuously seek out and gather these resources to reach as many people as possible. Above all, Misfit Love Mafia's most important mission is to restore the self-dignity and confidence as human beings that are often diminished and lost over time.

We know we're asking for a lot, given the current financial and emotional burdens that we are individually and collectively holding up this year. However, your small donation, gesture of support, or even a kind smile of acknowledgement goes a long way and are appreciated in their entirety.

We are raising funds to hug the block this November 25th, Thanksgiving Eve, to offer dine-in dinner service, barbers, beauticians, care bags, health check-ups, and hot showers to at least 80 of our fellow neighbors. Help us be the kind of warm and caring neighbors we would all want to live next to this winter by donating to

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