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Our Bar ATL: Music on Edgewood Ave

Only halfway through 2020, and it's already one hell of a year. The pent-up anger, frustration and distress continues to spill into the news, the streets and our everyday lives. In such an emotional and anxious climate, the uplifting and unifying influence of music is even more important and necessary.

Our neighborhood on Edgewood Ave has long been a cultural hub for Atlanta's music, and many of this city's most musically-inclined have performed on this block. We're planning on showcasing some of that amazing talent every weekend here at Our Bar ATL.

As Big Boi once said, "we missed a lot of church so the music is our confessional."

Check out our 4th of July Weekend Line-Up!

Friday: @Antstrumentalz (6PM-10PM) + @WeirdOfFits x @DJ_CandyRaine (10PM-2AM)

Saturday: @OfficiallyEdi x @Lottanames (6PM-10PM) + @DJPrincessCut (11PM-3AM)

Sunday: Overtime w/ @WizardCraig (5PM-8PM) + @DJ_Flakka & Friends x @Dollaaaaaaa (8PM-12AM)


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