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Our Bar ATL: Our O4W

Our O4W neighborhood is amazing - we'll tell you that right now.

Without the love and help from our staff, regulars, locals, neighbors and fellow Edgewood employees, Our Bar ATL would probably be on the growing list of permanently closed bars and restaurants in the city due to the pandemic. So thank you for being the absolute best part of Our Bar ATL and filling every second of our struggle to survive the past few months with precious memories and cherished times. Any other bar in the same situation would've already shut down permanently, no doubt.

With the recent powerful protests, O4W continues to demonstrate how a neighborhood can rise to the occasion and uplift an entire community to fight for justice and do what is right. Without even publicly asking for donations, we've had people come by and drop off masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, fresh produce and to-go containers. Some even drove around to search for some of these hard-to-find products that we absolutely needed. Others recommended their chef friends for our Pop-up & Go platform and placed their takeout orders multiple times a week just to support us. It was and continues to be indescribably heartwarming.

During the early COVID-19 panic when everyone was freaking out, our own Chef Dee immediately stepped up and started delivering over 5,000 bagged lunches to the community. We've had staff, locals and even our regulars put on their gloves and masks and jump right in to help him feed the block - every. single. day.

We've always liked to brag a bit about our O4W neighborhood because of its MLK heritage and its vibrant culture. However, COVID-19 and the protests have renewed our perspective of just how remarkable our community really is and what it means for us to be a part of it. We're incredibly proud to inhabit the space at 339 Edgewood Ave SE and engage with our fellow O4W neighbors.

Dax designed our latest "Our O4W" merch drop specifically for the neighbors on our block and the amazing people who march for peace, protest against injustice and make the O4W a neighborhood we're so proud to be a part of.

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