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Our Bar ATL: Take A Shot Initiative

We've been hearing in the news more and more that the COVID-19 vaccines may become available to frontline workers soon in the coming weeks. That will likely include those of us in the restaurant and hospitality industry. To keep doing what we can to inspire, incentivize and protect our employees, we're launching our own vaccine incentive plan, colloquially known in-house as our "Take A Shot" initiative.


'Take A Shot' Initiative - Summary

  • $100 incentive bonus per completed CDC-approved COVID-19 vaccination per employee (ex. both shots of the Pfizer vaccine).

  • All shots must be completed in the officially prescribed timeframe.

  • Employee must show the official vaccination card that is provided after the inoculation.

  • Our staff will have scheduling flexibility for vaccination appointments.

  • COVID-19 vaccinations will not be mandatory.


There's been so much hearsay and politicization surrounding the COVID-19 vaccination that sifting through it all in search of the truth can be exhausting. Nevertheless, we remain committed to learning, growing, and going through the hardships together. We're not medical experts by any means so amid all the cacophony of news and rumors, we can only trust in the science and play our own parts to protect ourselves and each other.

Although we're just a small local business in Atlanta, we hope to do what we can to at least help our own neighborhood and the O4W community achieve herd immunity. By encouraging each other to "take a shot," we're affirming not only our solid support for the vaccination but also measurably helping those among our staff who are taking their time and effort to go get vaccinated.

However, the decision to receive the COVID-19 vaccination is ultimately a personal choice and not mandatory at Our Bar ATL. It may be because of health conditions, an unconvinced mind, or any number of reasons. Nevertheless, we'll continue to provide and enforce masks, hand sanitizer, and temperature checks to keep safety at the forefront.

Although cashflow remains tight, we believe it's money well spent, whether it's on sanitation supplies or rewarding our staff for getting vaccinated.

Thanks and take care,

Our Bar ATL

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