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Our Bar ATL's Cocktail Menu: Origin Story

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

This was supposed to be the easy part.

We have decades of experience working in every facet of the service industry. We've poured drinks thousands of times in dozens of bars around Atlanta. Frankly, it's safe to say our specialty is in making drinks and drinking them. Given our background, we could be forgiven for thinking it'd be relatively easy to create Our Bar ATL's drink menu. That simply wasn't the case.

When the time came to seriously think through and build the drink menu, we belatedly realized we were putting our name and brand behind our cocktails. We have to admit, our anxiety definitely went up a notch. Without the guidance of our friends from @SwallowAtlanta, we wouldn't have known where to start in creating a drink menu that reflects what we're all about: balanced, diverse, and oddly addictive.

We plan to align Our Bar ATL's cocktail menu with our seasonally-driven kitchen. Perhaps too soon, we're nevertheless setting our own bar high by insisting on delicious ingredients from local farmers, vendors, and distilleries. We won't call our cocktails "unique" by any means but make no mistake, we aim to surprise and delight.

We can't wait for you to taste our cocktails. They were born one Sunday afternoon from a strange blend of decades of seasoned experience and hours of amateur desperation. If you have any thoughts or recommendations, we'd love to hear them. Reach out on our Contact Us page or @ourbaratl - we're down for another alcoholic Sunday if you are.

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