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Our Bar ATL's Permit Probation: Looking Back & Moving Forward

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

The past few months have been absolute hell...and not for the reasons you think.

From the moment we had our first meeting in October 2018, the action had been non-stop as we sprinted headlong towards the dream called #OurBarATL. We would be up at 3am debating everything from what our concept should be to who's in charge of cleaning the bathrooms. Then in the mornings, we would drag ourselves out of bed to hunt down potential spaces all around Atlanta for the one we just know will be our home away from home. The moment we walked into the raw, rough, and unfinished space at 339 Edgewood Ave SE, we knew it was the one. Whether it was jotting down layouts of the space on napkins, participating in the neighborhood meetings, or asking everyone we know for advice, the months were full of energy, momentum, and dare we say it, fun.

That all changed when we ran into the brick wall at city hall. With architectural drawings and hats in hand, we waited impatiently for the various departments to approve our plans. Who would've thought we'd miss the frenzy of the liquor license process or the stress of signing the lease? In the past few quiet and ominous months, our emotions have seesawed between frantic frustration and uneasy boredom.

It's been rough. We've had to deal with our lack of control over the process, never-ending anxiety about how it might turn out, and the embarrassment of giving vague answers to well-meaning questions. Surrounded by all the angst and apprehension, it's been easy to forget just how much we've done and how far we've come in ten short months. Looking back, it's been an emotional and fulfilling journey. We don't know how much longer the wait will be, but we already know it's been worth it - without a doubt.

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