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Our Bar ATL S1E1: Street Tastings

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

A few days ago, our partnership with Swallow Atlanta took us to the musical geniuses at Street Execs Studios. Despite their busy schedule, they gave us the space, time, and ten tasters to show them what we can do.

Dame and his team at Swallow Atlanta created a series of intoxicating cocktails, perfectly matched by Our Bar ATL chef's mouthwatering small plates. Together, the food and drinks coaxed our friends at Street Execs through an experience full of flavor and fun.

l Powered by Swallow Atlanta - Made Possible by Street Execs Studios l

We want to thank Street Execs Studios for giving us this opportunity. Their success in the music industry is undeniable and as a group of talented hit-makers, they're indisputably among the best. However, what struck us most during the 2-hour tasting wasn't their lyrical artistry, creativity, or musical flair. Instead, it was the friendship they wore so openly on their sleeves.

We loved that. Even as we took notes on how to make the experience even better, the Street Execs team showed us just how powerful our relationships can be, without even meaning to. They breathed a little more life into our dream and in the process, showed us how our bonds can innately do the same.

The Street Tasting at Street Execs Studios taught us a lot but unexpectedly, we learned even more from our guests. We're coming into our own, one amazing opportunity at a time - and frankly, we can't wait for the next one.

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