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Sunday Salvation Pop-Up: Oxtail Pho x CBD

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Atlanta's kitchen pop-up scene is blowing up - so we're getting in on the action. Our Bar ATL's first pop-up comes from a fun collaboration between street food Chef Dyno and local hemp company, Saint & Center.

Bangkok-born and Atlanta-raised, Chef Dyno's passion for street food comes from his culinary roots in Chiang Mai - a city world-renowned for its cuisine. Taking a break from Atlanta's high-end hotel restaurants, he's popping up at Our Bar ATL this year to focus more on his own unique culinary style.

Meanwhile, Saint and Center brings its hemp expertise and natural wellness philosophy to the table by offering optional CBD-infusions that pair perfectly with Chef Dyno's creations. Launched by Bunna Lim, Mike Myers, and Ashlea Pope locally in Georgia, the company seeks to pioneer a new standard to natural health and wellness in the Southeast. With 0% THC and an emphasis on organically-grown hemp, Saint and Center is about your higher self - without the high.

Inspired by the restful relaxation of southern Sundays, the pop-up serves a limited number of comforting Laos-style oxtail pho soup this Sunday, January 26th - see menu for more details. Add your CBD infusion to elevate the pho to a whole new level of delicious restoration or come check out Saint & Center's natural products in person.

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