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Our Bar ATL's Family Paintball (May 2019)

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

7 months ago, we started down this path. Along the way, we've had to prove the strength of the Our Bar ATL dream and what it truly means to us. The unrelenting stress has taken its toll on us all. Yet we can still say, it's been worth it. We're undoubtedly stronger now, not despite but because of those sacrifices and hardship. We're also closer as friends, or family in everything but name. Over Mother's Day weekend, 18 of us had the chance to put those bonds to the test as we celebrated two of our friends' birthdays over an afternoon of hard-fought paintball.

*No friendships were permanently injured in the making of this video.*

We've always known it's our friends who make the dream possible. However, it's times like these that show us why the dream is even worth pursuing. We're given the chance to be a deeper part of each other's lives and to build each other up ever higher. With such companions, no road is too rough or too long. Happy birthday to and @epxd.shvgg: our friends, our family, our partners-in-crime.

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