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Kelsey: Going the Distance at Our Bar ATL

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

With the finish line in sight, the enthusiastic support for Our Bar ATL in recent days has been both breathtaking and heartwarming. It has even more meaning for those who have been there with us since the very beginning. Without a doubt, Kelsey is one of them. Leveraging her experience in real estate and project management, she's helped brainstorm our ideas and fight our battles with us from the start.

Kelsey was even there when the epiphany of the "Our Bar ATL" name occurred over a tabletop Korean BBQ fire. When we were all furiously tossing name suggestions back and forth, we all had a feeling it was the one as soon as we heard it. It concisely captured our entire concept and our desire to be local, thriving, and comfortable.

Yes, we're tenacious but only because we have the support and foundation of people like Kelsey to do so. It gives us the stubborn will to hold on when we're beset with regret or riddled with doubts. With neither much money nor experience, we can only rely on tenacity to carry ourselves across the finish line. We're not quite there yet, but it has yet to let us down. Follow us on social media @ourbaratl to celebrate with us when we do!

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