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Our Bar ATL: Celebrating Our 2-Year Anniversary

It's hard to believe that our bar turned two last week.

It feels like both just yesterday and forever ago since we first started dreaming of what we wanted to build together. Since then, we've made many new friends and managed not to lose too many of our old ones along the way. The past year has been hard for us and not just because of the pandemic. We've realized that raising a baby bar is a lot harder than we'd imagined and not at all the same as working at one. Fortunately, we continue to be blessed by the love and support of great human beings.

It's hard to describe the bar to people. They ask us, what's our bar like? What's the vibe? What do you do? Some might go as far as to ask us what our niche is or who do we serve? The answer depends. It completely changes based on who all is in there with you. It's dependent on if the staff is hungover from last night, which pop-up chef is unleashing her creativity in the kitchen, which regulars have stopped by for their usual, or which DJ, comedian, activist, or artist is here doing what they love to do.

You can't predict or franchise this kind of craziness. It's too odd, too different and too special. Some may call it an identity crisis. After a few shots, others might call it magic. We say that it's just us.

Thank you to everyone who have contributed to our ongoing story, now going into its third year. Our 2-year anniversary party was special and one for the history books. We have to give a shout out to Jameson as well. They were the source of all the booze, the vibes and your poor decisions that night - so blame them, not us.

Find yourself in our memories here:

Photography by LexiMoon: Album

Photography by Matt Watkins: Album

Videography by Few Times 10: Video

Cheers to all of us,

- the family at Our Bar




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