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Our Bar ATL: One-Year Barversary

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

A year ago on February 27th, 2020, we were all nervously waiting inside Our Bar ATL for the moment we opened to the public for the first time. Looking back on that day, we were surrounded by great people, filled with hope and optimism for the future, and proud of all we've accomplished to get to that point. 12 months of pandemic craziness later, not much has changed.

We're a year older, not that much wiser, and a hell of a lot stronger. With the odds overwhelmingly against us, we didn't just survive but thrived in the warmth of an ever-expanding tribe. Thank you to those who kept the lights on at the bar and the dream alive in our hearts. To commemorate this past year of loss and many sacrifices, triumphs and small wins, and the memories of all our times together thus far, we created this yearbook to memorialize the bar's favorite people: our very own.

Click here to get the yearbook.

In such a small yearbook, we couldn't fit in everyone who matters to us - there's just too many of them. Every one of them played a key part in Our Bar ATL's journey this past year. Here's a shout out to all the members of our tribe:

  • Our skeptical family members who scolded and supported us in equal measure.

  • Our old and new friends who gave so much of themselves unreservedly.

  • Our regulars who adopted us and each other to create a tribe.

  • Our locals who allowed us to help write the next chapters of their neighborhood story.

  • Our guests and fellow human beings whose lives briefly intersected ours in their search for delicious food, stiff drinks, and good company.

To all who’ve called Our Bar ATL their home away from home this past year, thank you for making the food taste oh so much sweeter, the bass hit that much harder, and the shots go down smoother than ever before.

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