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Our Bar ATL: Open Chef Spots for Pop-Up & Go!

Updated: May 19, 2020

COVID19 sucks...but even as it forces us into a corner, it's also made us more creative, socially aware, and willing to push the boundaries of what we thought we could do.

We spent all of April slowly fine-tuning our Pop-Up & Go concept: featuring a different chef and their to-go menu every two days out of our kitchen here at Our Bar ATL. When we first put the word on the street that we're looking for local Atlanta chefs to collaborate with, we were fortunate to receive dozens of replies.

With little experience in the take-out business and new to the restaurant scene in general, we had to muster our courage and determination to open back up and give this our all. Although it's a far cry from how things were before COVID-19, our Pop-Up & Go endeavor has been truly rewarding through new collaborations with so many talented chefs.

Regardless of how COVID-19 will turn out for the rest of 2020, we don't plan on stopping any time soon. Whether you're a professional chef hoping to test a new menu item or a passionate home cook with some beloved family recipes, we welcome you to come share your food with the Our Bar ATL community.

Bring your culinary creativity, flair and passion to the Our Bar ATL kitchen - email us at or dm us at @ourbaratl.

See some of our past Pop-Up & Go sessions below:

Pop-Up & Go Requirements:

1) Hours are normally 2pm - 8pm (or till sold out) - different hours can be arranged.

2) Menu should be to-go & delivery-friendly, ideally with 3-4 entrees plus sides.

3) Follow CDC and governmental regulations as well as our health promise.

4) Price point and # of servings can be discussed beforehand.

5) Collaborative marketing through social media and website.

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